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Boucles d'oreille "Alignement Magique" en Labradorite et Argent 925
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"Magic Alignment" earrings in Labradorite and 925 Silver

Surround yourself with a protective and magical energy, with these superb labradorite and 925 silver earrings. With the iridescent reflections that run through its dark matrix, labradorite has always been perceived as a magic stone. Known as a powerful crystal of protection, it is used as a talisman to soothe physical and emotional ailments, chase away harmful vibrations and protect against dangers. Wear these labradorite earrings to feel protected at all times. Their iridescent reflections will repel negative vibrations around you, whether they come from a place or from the people around you. A fantastic healing stone, Labradorite is called upon to reduce pain, catalyze cell regeneration, or recover from physical ailment or illness. With its vibration of harmony, it indeed helps the body to regain its natural state of vitality. Its harmonizing energy is also favorable to mental and emotional well-being: Labradorite will indeed help you to feel serene in any place and at any time. In case of intense emotions like fear, it will regulate these difficult feelings in a few minutes. The protective and regenerating vibration of labradorite makes it a valuable aid for therapists. So wear these labradorite earrings during a consultation. They will help you both to support the well-being of your patient, but also to preserve yourself energetically. Labradorite is also a stone of intuition and invisible worlds. Its mysterious shimmer resonates with the most hidden aspects of existence. It highlights what can be felt but not necessarily seen with physical eyes. These labradorite earrings will help you connect to your inner compass to see things with clarity. Or, to receive the advice of your guides and the Universe to orient you on the path most aligned with your deep nature. FEATURES : - Stones: Labradorite - Material: 925 silver - Weight of the stones: 2.85grs - Weight of the earrings: 5.10grs - Dimensions of the earrings: 5.40cm

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