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Cônes d'encens “Détente et Bonne Humeur” au Patchouli
Karma Yoga Shop

“Relaxation and Good Mood” incense cones with Patchouli

Let yourself be transported by the subtle and captivating scent of this traditional Indian incense scented with Patchouli. You will enjoy purifying your home with this sweet, balsamic and woody fragrance. This intriguing and warm fragrance is widely used in perfumery. It evokes travel and exoticism while distilling good humor and relaxation. This is why it is a very popular fragrance. The absence of wood in the incense cones allows the release of a purer and more authentic fragrance. Goloka is a popular brand of incense sticks and cones located in Bangalore, the incense capital of India in the south of the country. The cones are made there by hand, respecting age-old traditions. Proceeds from this business are donated to children's charities. You therefore derive all the benefits from a product that has been handcrafted, with love and whose purchase has a positive influence on the community that produces it. FEATURES : - Airtight box of 10 cones - Made in India in the city of Bangalore - Incense from Fair Trade - Aromatic raw materials to IFRA standards - Incense not tested on animals

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