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Druse en Améthyste d'Uruguay
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Druse in Amethyst from Uruguay

Call on the powers of the amethyst druse, a crystalline formation with lovely violet reflections and healing energies. Carry your Uruguay amethyst druse wherever you go, or display it in your interior. She will take care of you and your surroundings with her good vibes, purifying negative energies and bad thoughts in no time. What are the virtues of an amethyst druse or geode? Take this adorable amethyst druse with you, or place it in a bowl in an important room in your home. Admire its thousand purple sparkles, and let yourself be enveloped by its gentle energy of peace. Amethyst is one of the most popular lithotherapy minerals for several reasons. This crystal has many benefits on the body, the mind, and on the energies of being. These benefits are all the more powerful when the quartz is in the form of druse, that is to say in its raw state. But what are these virtues? At the subtle level, first, the violet stone disperses negative energies, whether they are present in the aura or in a place. Its mauve radiance dissipates vibrational disturbances, and promotes harmony instead. This lovely cluster of crystals will also be by your side in your spiritual practice. Stimulating the crown chakra, it awakens intuition and psychic faculties, such as clairvoyance. Hold your amethyst druse in your hand during your morning meditation: its energy will improve your concentration and calm your mind. This natural stone amethyst druse will be perfect for purifying the energies of your home. Placed near an internet box or a screen, it will neutralize the electromagnetic radiation produced by these devices. It will also soothe chaotic or tense energies associated with anger or sadness, promoting vibrational harmony in your home. On the mental level, the amethyst stone is conducive to peace of mind, dispelling in particular anxieties and fears. During a stressful moment, regain your serenity in a few moments by holding your amethyst druse in hand. This stone will help you see things clearly by organizing your thoughts. It will remove the inner blockages to your well-being and fulfillment. Slipped under your pillow, your amethyst druse will be conducive to excellent sleep, in particular by preventing nightmares. Amethyst also has virtues on the physical body. Use it to relieve headaches and migraines, regulate the nervous system and calm muscle pain. It will also give a boost to the immune system, protecting you against many diseases. Finally, call on the purifying power of amethyst to dissipate the negative effects of drunkenness. Using an amethyst druse Wondering how to use your amethyst druse? Several options are available to you to take full advantage of its powers and benefit from its precious help. This gem can first be used as a meditation stone and a support for your spiritual life. Before beginning your meditation, take your druse in hand and visualize its violet energy spreading through you, until it reaches your crown chakra, located at the top of your head. Then imagine that the latter opens and harmonizes thanks to the vibration of the amethyst. This meditation will promote clairvoyance and enhance intuition. You can also keep your amethyst druse on you during the day. Then slip it into your purse or your pocket: it will promote the purity of energies, mental calm and physical vitality. With it, emotional troubles will be appeased: you will easily regain your calm after a moment of anger or sadness. A stone of protection, amethyst will ward off bad vibes with its violet radiance, reflecting energetic attacks like light on its sparkling inclusions. Finally, use your amethyst druse during an energy healing session, such as a Reiki consultation. Easy to transport, you can easily place it near your patient on a treatment table. How to purify an amethyst druse? To recharge your amethyst druse, there are several methods. For example, you can pass it under water, in a bowl, in a natural stream or even in the rain. For the purification of your amethyst druse, also call on the energies of the stars by exposing it all night to the light of the Moon. The sweet lady with the round face will gently purify her energies. Know that our amethyst comes from Uruguay, a country renowned for its deposits of high quality crystals. Thanks to our expert gemologist, who controls the quality and authenticity of our stones, we guarantee you a crystal that is both beautiful and has optimal energies. In addition, we take the greatest care in the packaging and transport of our druses and geodes. Carefully packaged, these leave our warehouses in France, for a safe and fast journey to your home. So let yourself be enveloped by the gentle energies of our amethyst druse from Uruguay, a premium quality stone... - Average weight: 80-120grs - Average dimensions: 6.5x6.5cm Discover our different amethyst geodes!

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