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Pendentif “Amour Divin” en Morganite
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“Divine Love” Morganite Pendant

Spread the love with this adorable morganite pendant. The pink stone will whisper sweet words to you, inviting you to relax in the infinitely compassionate presence of the Universe. With this piece of jewelry worn near the heart chakra, your emotional knots and inner barriers will be gently dismantled to make room for healing. Wrapped in the comforting vibration of morganite, you will be able to fully welcome your emotions. The stone will tenderly remind you that you have the right to feel what you feel. Your pendant will instruct you to be kind and patient with yourself, especially when you feel sad or overworked. She can also encourage you to express your problems to a loved one or a professional. Or, to wrap yourself in a soft blanket when no one is available. In fact, connecting you to universal love, Morganite will make you feel accompanied anytime, anywhere. So wear this morganite pendant to reassure yourself when you feel alone or anxious. Its soothing waves will generally always be welcome to calm fears, stress and insecurity. Morganite attracts and nurtures love in all its flavors. It is therefore ideal for cultivating fulfilling relationships, whether with family, friends or your sweetheart. By wearing this morganite pendant in the presence of your loved ones, you will want to take care of them even more and show them your affection. The heart chakra is the center of compassion. With this morganite jewel, your heart will naturally open to the world, and your empathy will unfold like a rose. At the same time, your heart chakra thus stimulated, you will learn to define your personal limits with the outside world. Out of compassion and love for yourself, you will be able to say “no” with kindness when your barriers are overcome. This pendant is pierced with a small hole to pass a chain or a cord, for a sober but elegant look. Your jewel does not look exactly like the model presented? This is normal: remember that each stone is unique, and therefore has its own size, color, weight and even its inclusions! His powers remain the same. FEATURES : - Stone: Morganite - Weight: between 7 and 10 g - Dimensions: approx. 25-30 mm

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