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Pyramide "Énergies du Foyer" en Shungite polie - 10 cm
Karma Yoga Shop

Pyramid "Energies of the Hearth" in polished Shungite - 10 cm

Place this pretty PYRAMID IN POLISHED SHUNGITE in your interior, and let it radiate its purifying and revitalizing energies. If there is one stone to protect, cleanse and balance, it is good SHUNGITE! Used for millennia as an AMULET, it is known all over the world for its EFFICIENCY AGAINST BAD ENERGY. Thus, you can first call on this PYRAMID IN SHUNGITE POLIE to deploy its PROTECTIVE VIBRATION in your home. She will prevent the entry of negative energies from outside, and will protect your loved ones at all times. SHUNGITE is also a POWERFUL CLEANSER. Not happy to push back bad vibes, the stone has the ability to neutralize physical and non-physical pathogens of a room. Arrange your POLISHED SHUNGITE PYRAMID in your interior to DESTROY CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS, BUT ALSO WAVES ELECTROMAGNETICS emitted by your electronic devices. Placed on your internet box or near your screens, by example, it will make their radiation harmless to you and your relatives. It will be particularly EFFECTIVE AGAINST 4G, 5G NETWORKS, WI-FI, AND IS THEREFORE IDEAL TO PROTECT YOU AGAINST THE EFFECTS HARMFUL smartphones and other technologies. It will thus decrease the risks of physical and emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, headaches, or fertility problems. In addition, the pyramid is a powerful shape that has its own properties. It contributes in particular to HARMONIZING THE ENERGIES SURROUNDINGS and to INCREASE THE VIBRATIONAL RATE OF A PLACE. Associate with the purifying powers of SHUNGITE, this black pyramid jet will blend discreetly into your interior, while now beneficial energies. Place your SHUNGITE PYRAMID on your desk to INCREASE YOUR CONCENTRATION, or near your bed to promote GOOD SLEEP. In your living room or living room, it will maintain also a HARMONIOUS AND BENEFICIAL ENERGY. Finally, in general, know that SHUNGITE promotes BALANCE AND VITALITY on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. His mere presence in your space of life will contribute to the well-being of all its inhabitants, humans, animals and even indoor plants! At Karma Yoga Shop, we are committed to providing you with the products of the highest possible quality. This is why we work directly with passionate suppliers and sharing our values. For example, our SHUNGITE products come from the most famous deposits on the planet, located in the Karelia region of Russia. SHUNGITE OBTAINED IS AT THE BOTH QUALITATIVE AND SOLD AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. * Stone: Shungite * Weight: 620g * Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 6.8cm

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