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Kintsugi KIT réparation DIY artisanat à la maison
Kintsugi Box

Kintsugi KIT réparation DIY artisanat à la maison

Diy Kintsugi gold repair kit, the kit that brings broken objects back to life. This Kintsugi kit will allow you to repair your favorite ceramic objects yourself, whatever your level. The ideal way to sublimate imperfections and consume sustainably by giving new life to the small everyday objects that you cherish. The little extra? All while having fun! All the necessary elements are provided in this kit, open, repair and you're done! INCLUDED IN THE BOX • Epoxy Glue 20ml • Premium non-toxic color powder - 3g • Mixing sticks • Brush • Gloves • Instructions (French and English) HOW IT WORKS ? • Mix glue and premium powder • Glue the broken pieces together • It's over ! Our Epoxy glue (fast setting glue, dries in 5 minutes) works on porcelain, ceramic, earthenware and glassware. But also on wood, plastics, costume jewelry. This allows you to create original repairs regardless of the medium. FAQs Our box contains enough material to repair approximately 5 large plates / 10 small plates The glue is resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius / 212 Fahrenheit. Do not wash in the dishwasher or heat in the microwave / oven. Non-toxic premium color powder.

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