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Coffret - Douce - Fleur de Coton - Bougie et Brume d'ambiance
La Bougie Blanche

Box Candle and Room Mist - Sweet - Cotton Flower

Our Orange Blossom home fragrance is ideal for perfuming all the rooms in the house. Its delicate floral scent, with the fresh tones of bergamot, sweet orange and neroli on a musky background, creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. This box contains: - A room mist scented with orange blossom Capacity 100mL - Equipped with a vaporizer it is easy to use. - A scented candle with orange blossom The wax is 100% vegetable based on sunflower for a better diffusion of the perfume hot and cold. Wicks are 100% cotton, lead and tin free. The container is screen printed by us by hand. These scented products are handcrafted by our wax craftsman in our Parisian workshops. The perfumes are created in collaboration with our Grassois perfumers, tested in our wax to guarantee you a high quality of diffusion, an optimal burning, without unsightly crater. 100% artisanal products, made in France. Tip: for better burning and to increase the burning time of your candles, remember to cut the end of the wick regularly before lighting it. Complies with EU regulations

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