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KIT "Fabriquer ma bougie" -  Thé Vert
La Bougie Blanche

KIT "Make my candle" - Green Tea

✨GREEN TEA CANDLE KIT✨ Make your own 140g candle yourself with this pretty "Capaon box". In this box, you will find a screen-printed container, vegetable wax scented with green tea, a wick and our little manufacturing secrets. The wax is 100% vegetable based on sunflower for a better diffusion of the perfume hot and cold. The wick is 100% cotton, lead and tin free. The perfume is created in collaboration with our Grassois perfumers, tested in our wax to guarantee you a high quality of diffusion, an optimal burning, without unsightly crater. The container is screen printed by us, by hand. Tip: for better burning and to increase the burning time of your candles, remember to cut the end of the wick regularly before lighting it.

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