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Savon soin au lait de brebis & fleur d'oranger
La Savonnerie du Nebbiu

Sheep milk & orange blossom soap

Handmade cold saponified soap, intended for dry, atopic or eczematous skin. The sheep's milk, present at 20% in the composition of this soap, comes from the sheepfold of Patrimonio, located 500 meters from the Soapery. Sheep's milk soap, by its protein content, will have the function of repairing, rebalancing, rehydrating and will provide all the energy necessary for the skin to rebuild and maintain it. The action of sheep's milk enhanced by grape seed oil provide antioxidant and detoxifying properties, particularly good for facial care. It is suitable for both face and body. E T H I C U E : We recover colostrum from sheep's milk, with respect for the animal, i.e. the milk is recovered after the lamb has suckled what it needed: the lamb passes the day under the mother. This milk is collected by the breeder of our village, in order to relieve the ewe if it has a surplus of milk, that is to say if the udders are still full at nightfall (the little one does not suckle its mother the night). Colostrum is too protein to be used for consumption, so it is usually thrown away, which is where we collect it to make soap!

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