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Gros Mono globe teinté bleu 30cm

Big Mono globe tinted blue 30cm

Length 36cm Width between 31cm. Height 40cm Capacity 12 liters Weight 7.6 Kg The use of recycled glasses may show slight bubbles inside which add visual charm to the product Decorations, handmade in Indonesia by artisans from recycled windows and teak roots. The glass is blown directly onto the wood to conform to the shape of the root for a perfect fit. We thus obtain unique pieces and different geometries according to your desires. These works are made using recycled natural products without any risk for deforestation. Special orders for professionals, decoration of hotels, bars, restaurants, architects, weddings. Each piece being unique, the models shipped will be either identical or approaching the photo with the same characteristics. Social networks Our Instagram Facebook pages: @lapaillebambou

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