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Carnet Arbre, feuillus et résineux
Les Carnets de Pierre

Tree, Deciduous and Softwood Notebook

Trees notebook – hardwoods and softwoods The notebook to recognize the most common tree species in metropolitan France. This notebook contains: - 2 cover cards (softwood and hardwood) - 2 legend cards (softwood and hardwood) - 14 species of conifers - 22 hardwood species - 1 graduated ruler card - 1 conclusion card The notebooks are entirely made by myself in my workshop. Prints are made on 80g paper in a print shop Tours. The paper is PEFC certified and the Imprim’vert printing The stainless steel binding screws are made and purchased in Germany. Laminating pouches are purchased in the finished format. The recycled cardboard packaging is manufactured and printed in Spain I produce almost no waste in manufacturing (only crumbs when drilling the cards) You will find accessories in my shop. (GOTS cotton pouch and elastic in ecological cotton and organic rubber)

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