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LIEBlingsSTÜKKE by martina wodke

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  • Since 1989
LIEBlingsSTÜKKE® are personalities. Every single piece of clothing exudes casual coolness, seasoned with a pinch of glamor.

First-class design and perfect craftsmanship are combined here. In every wardrobe, LIEBlingsSTÜKKE® rise from clothing to favorite companion in no time. Because you don't wear LIEBlingsSTÜKKE®, you enter into a relationship with them.

We are made in Germany From the cut to the design, the production to the dispatch. We source fabrics and ingredients from neighboring European countries. The collection is manufactured exclusively in German contractors. In this way we can guarantee fair and verifiable production conditions.

We love fashion! Twice a year, new LIEBlingsSTÜKKE® collections are created in our atelier in Bad Arolsen. Dresses and accessories that stay with us for a long time and are not sorted out after a season and make something special out of every day.

We stand for sustainability. "Fashion-conscious" is our motto, with which we counter the phenomenon of fast pace with care. Trendy, but not short-lived. This is multi-layered, fair fashion with a lot of added value.
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LIEBlingsSTÜKKE by martina wodke
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LIEBlingsSTÜKKE by martina wodke
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