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Atme durch! - Mistwetterbadekugel

take a deep breath - Bad weather bath ball

Imagine: It's absolutely lousy weather outside, you're frozen to the bone and your nose is already starting to run. Is there anything nicer than stepping into a warm bathtub? And let yourself be enveloped by a soothing scent of eucalyptus and thyme? Our bad weather bath ball will take you from super frozen to snug warmed up in a short time - back to your feel-good condition. The essential organic eucalyptus oil - Is beneficial for cold symptoms - Warms the body during the cold season - Can promote blood circulation and thus relieve muscle discomfort The essential organic thyme oil - May have a soothing effect on the respiratory tract - Has expectorant properties Our bath bombs bubble gently and are wonderfully nourishing. The cocoa butter it contains makes your skin nice and soft, nourishes it and saves you creaming after the bath. A bath bomb weighs about 45g and is shipped unpackaged! Diameter 4cm. of course | vegan | handmade Retail price net: €3.52 // RRP gross: €6.99 // PU: 4 pcs.

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