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Little Gems Jewels

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I was inspired to create hypoallergenic jewellery after searching for years to find pretty earrings to suit my own sensitive ears. After trying some surgical steel studs one day and finding that I could wear them all day long in comfort, I just couldn't resist sharing the joy of this discovery with other sensitive skin sufferers. Today I create all Little Gems Jewels earrings using real semi precious gemstones and hypoallergenic surgical steel so that they can be worn and enjoyed by all, including those of us who want to adorn our sensitive lobes. As our planet is very important to me I have designed my jewels to be worn every day and, being made of hard wearing stainless steel, are built to last for years to come. When you order from Little Gems Jewels your items will be packaged in an eco friendly gift box which is made from recycled card right here in the UK too.
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