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Maison Dressage

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  • Since 2012
Discipline, precision, and elegance are the core values in the equestrian tradition of Dressage. 

Following the same principles, MAISON DRESSAGE designs avant-garde body accouterments that closely trace the shapes and forms of the wearer’s body and function as an extension of the garment.

We draw inspiration from architectural design, minimalist aesthetics, and the restrictive quality of equestrian harnesses, while we handcraft each of our accessories, bags, and garments in our atelier in Trieste. 

We source our materials consciously, trusting local suppliers and making sure they use ethical and sustainable methods of production. 
From the finest Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather to raw brass and Italian walnut wood, most materials arrive in our atelier in raw form, as we like to treat them further ourselves and with the utmost care.

All our garments are designed and handcrafted with great attention to detail in our atelier in Trieste.

We craft our pieces mindful of our waste production while ensuring a low environmental impact.
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