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Le Bachi - Rose flamant

The Bachi - Flamingo Pink

In French maritime slang, the bachi is the headgear of sailors and quartermasters of the Navy. Made of blue woolen cloth, it is topped with a red pompom in the French navy. The 200 model - called the Bachi - is a 17cm tuna boat. Made of beech wood, from the forests of Brittany, this boat is equipped with a Bermuda-type cotton sail. This boat was handcrafted in our Breton workshop using the same know-how, the same gestures, passed down from generation to generation since 1946. Robust, it will follow you all your life if you give it the little bit of care it needs. Wood is a living material that reacts to water. Despite all the care taken in the manufacture of our boats, prolonged contact with water may deteriorate. It is important to let your boat dry in the shade and away from excessive heat after each use. Good luck sailor! For your birth gifts or any other celebration, have the boat personalized with the engraving of a brass plate (of French origin). The latter is nailed to the back of the boat.

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