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  • Since 2015
Funny, naughty, misleading and unexpected: those are the collages of
Marleen Stoelwinder.

I want to entertain and arouse curiosity with my collages. Like this
I play with the normal and use objects and shapes on a non
everyday way, in order to create a new and unexpected image.

I use existing images that I come across. because of this
my collages arise out of coincidence. All my collages are handmade and are printed and signed in limited edition.
There is always something missing to create a new and unexpected image.
It's always a little crazy or absurd. In a way where people don't immediately see what there is to see. I want things to arise out of coincidence and I use visual material that I come across. The trick is to work with images that exist, otherwise you will be too preoccupied with your ultimate goal. All my collages are handmade and printed in limited edition.
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