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Crystal Clear Water Bottle - Tiger Eye
Mindful Living Co

Crystal Clear Water Bottle - Tiger Eye

Activate your drink with Crystal Clear energies Embrace the healing properties of natural crystals with our NEW Crystal Water Bottles, infused with natural gemstones. Simply choose your crystal and add water to create an elixir filled with natural energies and rejuvenation. Nicknamed The Shapeshifter, Tigers Eye invites you to embrace your inner strength and your personal willpower. Traditionally used to ward off curses and keep you safe from ill-wishes, this stone not only protects but has a whole host of healing properties. Named after the strong and courageous queen of the jungle, the spirit of the tiger reminds us of the importance of primal instincts, having self-confidence, and finding inner strength. Tiger’s Eye is all about bringing self-confidence to the surface. Each Mindful Living Crystal Water Bottle comes in retail-ready packaging, great for gifting. BPA & Lead-Free, with NO harmful plastic or toxins. Made from glass and holds 550ml/18Oz of liquid.

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