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  • Since 2019
Montecristo was born every day from the moment we wanted to give a shape to a style that embraced the desire for a comfortable everyday elegance.
Our shop is a mirror that also wants to reflect the always new forms of purchase by offering an experience that excites online shopping.

Our company was born thinking about the moment in which you decide what to wear; in that moment all the senses seek fulfillment in a garment that makes the pleasure of recognizing oneself fuller: that timeless look because it is ours, always the same, always different.

Our design does not pretend to advance a style: our lines and our fabrics instead want to tend towards beauty because "beauty is the name of something that does not exist, that I give to things in exchange for the pleasure they give me" .

Montecristo is an idea that is renewed in the ambition to dress every moment of the day with elegance, grace, class, sobriety, the mission of our design is to think of the soul of every moment with beauty and style.

Dressing means putting on; for us to dress means to recognize ourselves in every moment.

Montecristo, always the same.
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