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  • Since 2019
As a wall art brand, we have spent a lot of time learning the effect of colors, textures, patterns and how we can use them on our canvases to evoke certain emotions.

"A New decor = a New you."

I remember when I was starting to experiment with my personal style, around the age of 9. I bought posters of my favorite basketball players and removed the ones that were hanging before (a drawing I did when I was 6).

Since then, I realized that every time something important changed in my life (a new school, my first girlfriend, 1st apartment, etc.), I wanted to change my decoration to adapt it. to my "new me".

If you feel this need for change, then a word of advice.. try redecorating your space!

If you are reading these lines, you may be starting a new journey...and guess what? ..We are here to help you.
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