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Bracelet Pentaperle EQUILIBRE

Pentaperle BALANCE bracelet

Length: 13.5 cm (extendable up to 18.5 cm) Stones: Moonstone, Sunstone Diameter of beads: 6mm Chain color: Silver (Gold color possible on request) Warranty: 1 year Waterproof The EQUILIBRE pentaperle combines the softness of moonstone and the warmth of sunstone. Moonstone is a stone that carries feminine energy (yin energy). Thus, this stone is used to balance the feminine energies (receptivity, intuition, gentleness) and masculine (actions, movement) in order to find a perfect balance. Sunstone transmits its light energy and heat to the wearer. It will go perfectly with moonstone and boost your optimism. ◊ VIRTUES OF THE BALANCED PENTAPERLE ◊ ON THE MENTAL Balances feminine and masculine energies Dispels worries and negative thoughts Promotes optimism and self-confidence Strengthens intuition and receptivity ON THE PHYSICS Stimulates the digestive system Promotes restful sleep Relieves menstrual pain Reduces the discomfort caused by menopause

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