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  • Since 2005
NASEWEISS is a brand of the Ostalb workshops of the Samariterstiftung. The Samariterstiftung is a church foundation and a member of the Diakonisches Werk Württemberg. Around 500 mainly mentally and mentally ill people work in our workshops under the guidance of experienced masters. They create toys that are thought through down to the last detail, of high quality and made with dedication.

play · research · discover
We develop, produce and sell high-quality toys for children and adults, which are about the joyful discovery of basic cultural techniques, scientific phenomena or historical models. The toys make ideas understandable, make the principles used clear in an illuminating way and thus encourage experimentation and further thinking. They promote the understanding of our material world and the cultural interaction with it.

What we want to offer our customers:
High play value, promotion of creativity, acquisition of knowledge, technical experience, handling of various materials ... a lot can be said. But the focus is always on the fun of the user!
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