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Déodorant N&P Douceur Fleurie
Nature en Bulles

N&P Flowery Softness Deodorant

Flowery Gentle Deodorant 40g This organic deodorant under mention Nature and Progress is 100% natural. It contains sodium bicarbonate for its anti-odour action and white clay to gently absorb moisture. It does not block the natural process of perspiration, and does not stain clothes. It does not contain aluminum salt or alcohol. This natural and organic deodorant is packaged in a recyclable cardboard stick, made in France: easy to use and ecological. It contains essential oil of bourbon geranium and Scots pine, for a flowery fragrance, but also for their antibacterial and stimulating action. Advice for using organic deodorant Push the bottom of the stick Apply a small amount of product to the skin Close without pushing back the stick Due to the presence of essential oils, do not use in children under 3 years old, or in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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