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Paire Boucles Laiton Doré Athena
Noosa Bijoux

Athena Pair of Golden Brass Earrings

Discover these magnificent mini-hoops in golden brass embellished with a small white pearl at the bottom of the circle (sold in pairs). They give an elegant and feminine look to any outfit. They can be worn alone or in accumulation. Our brass jewels have an e-coating treatment also called "cataphoresis" in Europe which is a process of depositing a sheet of organic paint to avoid allergic reactions as well as the natural oxidation of the jewel at rest. How to maintain your brass, copper or stainless steel jewellery? As with gold-plated or 925 silver jewelry, brass or stainless steel jewelry can darken over time, wear, contact with your skin or even humidity. This phenomenon is natural, but it can be avoided or delayed if you maintain your jewelry regularly. Avoid wearing them to play sports, sleep, go in the water or in the shower. Do not hesitate to clean them regularly with a soft cloth, and to soak them in water mixed with Marseille soap flakes from time to time. White vinegar or a stripper can help deoxidize jewelry. Finally, when you are not wearing your jewelry for a long time, store it away from light and humidity.

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