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Sauna Scent Birch
Nystad Sauna

Sauna Scent Birch

100 % natural Finnish ground leaves of birch in a biodegradable sachet for infusion. Our sauna scents are like a little piece of Finland, one of the greenest, cleanest and happiest countires in the world. The scents are made from Finnish birch leaves and herbs by drying. They're all natural, chemical free and safe to use. Enjoy your sauna experience in the scents of Finnish summer forest. We believe that breathing in the steam of Birch refreshes your mind, helps your body to recover and gives you the most creative ideas. Handmade in Finland, 100 % natural, ecological, biodegradable, vegan, chemical free, zero waste. Instructions of use: The use is simple and clean as using a tea bag. Let the sachet soak in the sauna bowl in hot water about 20 min. Pour water on the sauna stove and enjoy. You can use the same sachet another time if you squeeze the excess water and let it dry.

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