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Ocarina Music Player

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  • Since 2010
Ocarina is a Montessori-inspired quality audio player designed for children 0+, designed to satisfy their different listening needs, with totally safe and independent use of the device and its contents.
Intuitive and very easy to use, with only 4 buttons.
100% made in Italy, in Florence.
Ocarina plays MP3 songs, with a fully customizable 8GB memory, a very resistant shockproof and non-toxic rubber coating.

Ocarina offers original audio content (Playlists produced by OcarinaSound), but also allows you to download your favorite songs directly from your PC (music, stories, nursery rhymes, songs, etc.).

Ocarina is available in 4 colors (Classic Edition with a selection of basic audio tracks in 5 languages) and in 4 Special Editions with - in addition to the classic contents - additional playlists dedicated to the theme of the chosen edition (SLEEP, SUMMER, GREEN, XMAS ).

The Ocarina warranty covers manufacturing defects for 2 years, the battery is covered for 1 year.
We also have an Assistance Service that takes care of repairs (at the Florence laboratory) or remote resolution of technical problems; customers can autonomously access the HELP TICKET platform, to open a ticket for assistance, directly from our website, on the Ocarina Mia page.
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