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500ml Pump Bottles - Apple & Cinnamon

500ml Pump Bottles - Apple & Cinnamon

Our 500ml bottles have a pump top and fit percectly in car cup holders while also being ideal for desks and counters. They can also be usedto refill our smaller bottles.  Available in 30+ of our scents or plain aloe vera which has no added colour or scent.  All of our sanitisers are made from isopropyl alcohol (70% by volume). Isopropyl, while much more expensive, is way less harsh on your skin than ethanol which is used in most store-bought sanitisers.  Palm Safe is Based in Aberdeen in Scotland. Our sanitisers have gone viral online and have thousands o 5 star reviews on Trust Pilot. Everywhere we stock these they sell above expectations especially when placed at point of sale.

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