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  • Since 2018
Perron 11 is a Dutch brand for wallpaper, poster wallpaper, wall stickers, wall circles and other (children's room) accessories.
We mainly focus on the children's room and want to stimulate the imagination of children and parents with original designs, a little whimsy and a touch of retro. Our motto: what will the story of your nursery be? Children like to be in their room with animals and figures on the wall that match the child's perception of the world.

It gives them a familiar feeling, so they can play and sleep well. We want to make that possible with our wallpaper and wall stickers. Moreover, we like to stimulate the imagination of children and their parents by making 'wall stories', without filling in too much. We make the start, the child can continue to fill in the story.

Platform 11 attaches great importance to people and the environment. We consciously have all our products produced in the Netherlands. This way we know for sure that the people who convert our designs into tangible products can do their job under good conditions. This also results in fewer transport kilometers and therefore a smaller 'global footprint'. Where possible, we use materials and inks that are better for the environment, such as our biodegradable non-woven wallpaper.

Our unique wall stickers are printed with latex according to a special procedure, which means that no harmful substances are released afterwards. We always opt for the best possible quality. Moreover, because we have our products produced per order or in small runs, we contribute as little as possible to the growing mountain of waste. After all, we mainly work for children. And we do not only grant them a dream of a children's room, but also a future in a beautiful and clean world!
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