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Vela de Cera de Soya (Sal de Rosas)
Piezas Exclusivas Vicent

Vela de Cera de Soya (Sal de Rosas)

Candle made with soy wax, rose salt and a sweet scent of roses. Double wooden wick for a cleaner experience for you and the environment. Soy wax is very respectful with the environment, its burning does not leave toxic residues as occurs with paraffin, it could be used in all types of environments to enjoy its beauty and relaxation. Soy wax and salt candle. With differentiated aromas, this candle provides a pleasant and very warm atmosphere. Its combustion is completely respectful with the environment, with your health and that of your family, since it is made with 100% vegetable materials, if it melts completely, so you will take advantage of it 100% and for longer. Up to 48 hours duration

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