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The Techcushion from Pilola is the perfect stand for phones, iPads, kindles and tablets. Available in three sizes to suit all devices, the Techcushion’s wedge shape design provides a hands free soft and sturdy support for your device which is firm enough to use the touch screen functions. No more arm or wrist ache trying to hold it in just the right position, leaving both hands free to work, read or watch a film.

The small Techcushion suits all smartphones, iPhones and other mobile devices. The medium Techcushion has been designed for plus size phones, iPhone mini and kindles while the large Techcushion is great for all iPads and smaller tablet computers.

Techcushions are securely stitched and are filled with a mix of polystyrene beads and plastic beans contained in an inner cover ensuring just the right amount of weight to prevent slipping or sliding on your table or lap. Furthermore a padded lip on the Techcushion keeps your phone or iPad safely in an upright position.

Techcushions have many uses including, watching TV or browsing the internet while sitting on the sofa or in the car, following recipes using one in the kitchen, reading kindle books, following craft tutorials while leaving your hands free to sew, paint etc. It’s a great tool to use while nursing babies or sitting at your table catching up with the news while eating breakfast or lunch. It’s excellent for anyone with arthritis or fibromyalgia who finds it difficult to hold their iPad or kindle for long.

The Techcushions are manufactured in my home studio in Berkshire, England using quality fabrics. The different Techcushion fabric colour and pattern options means lots of choice for men, women and children and can be a lovely home accessory.
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