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  • Since 2003
  • Distribution Hobby Stores, Toys Stores and Gift Shops in Europe
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Discover Pixelhobby B.V., a Dutch brand established in 2003, which stands for sustainability and creativity. What started with an idea to create a product that would spark creativity but without the mess, turned into Pixelhobby. Our Pixelhobby products are proudly produced in North Holland, with a focus on quality and environmental responsibility. All of our products are made from bio-plastic derived from sugarcane. This not only makes our pixel squares 95% renewable but also 100% recyclable. Pixelhobby offers a world of creative possibilities with an extensive color palette of more than 300 colours. Pixelhobby provides two collections: Pixel for everyone aged 6 and up, and Pixel XL for everyone aged 4 and up. Both options are designed to stimulate fine motor skills and provide unlimited fun and creativity. Discover the endless possibilities and let your creativity run wild with Pixelhobby!

How does it work?
1. Choose one of our patterns.
2. Get your baseplate and place it over the pattern.
3. Take a pixel from the pixel square and place the pixel on the pin of the baseplate. There is no need to iron or glue the pixels to the baseplate. The pixels were designed to stay in place once placed on the baseplate.
4. Enjoy your beautiful creation!
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