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Cushions - Sure Shark Redemption (UK/USA) - S | 12" x 12" | 30cm x 30cm - Faux Suede
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Cushions - Sure Shark Redemption (UK/USA) - S | 12" x 12" | 30cm x 30cm - Faux Suede

_Mike’s friends were pleased that he dropped in while they chewed the fat._ Choose cushions with inners. You have a great sense of humour and you’re fun loving. You’ll be delighted with your purchase of your new comic cushion. As you glance around your room your new cushion, placed on your sofa perhaps, will keep catching your eye with its vibrant colours and amusing comedy scene. On top of being extremely comfy, your new cushions will leave you with a residual sense of amusement and happiness.  Purchase a set of cushions and you’ll enjoy gathering them altogether in a comedic set in a fun area within your home.  PRODUCT FEATURES: * Fabric Choice: Super-Soft faux suede, beach-house linen, or versatile cotton canvas * The funny image is printed on one side with a neutral coloured rear side. * Includes polyester inner cushion. * Zip-back cover for easy removal and care.  * Covers can be fully machined washed without fear of the image fading. * Choose out of 2 sizes with inners. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: * Small size - 30cm x 30cm (12" x 12”). * Medium size - 45cm x 45cm (18" x 18”). SURE SHARK REDEMPTION The joke focuses on a pilot getting rid of the evil drug lord. In effect Mike is leaving behind bad people in his life. However, he’s not planned his escape plan very well. This is probably something we can all relate to! This doesn’t look good for Mike but who knows, perhaps he’ll survive unscathed. We love the colours and scenery in this one, particularly the volcano island. The sharks look pretty hungry too! Your cushion is luxurious with ample size options and material choices. Your friends and family will be delighted to receive cushions as a gift from you. It’s great fun and with a lovely quality of image and material finish.  You’ll enjoy impact it makes, as the colourful joke and scene is so clear and enjoyable. Your friends and family will be chuffed to receive such a luxurious and generous gift. What better way to say happy birthday or for surprise gifts for men in particular. These are only available via our online store or associated social media shops. You won’t find them in typical bricks-and-mortar stores on the high street.   DELIVERY GUIDANCE: Your product is printed on demand which takes 1-3 days. It’s then packaged and sent from the UK in 1-2 days depending your choice of tracked/standard shipping for UK/USA or EU delivery.

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