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  • Since 2007
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QUICKLOADER® began in 2007, with the awarded QUICKLOADER® retractable tie-down. Its’ unique new features combined with traditional hardware quickly made it the top choice for quality-conscious drivers and the originally Norwegian innovation is nowadays loved by people around the globe. The tie-down also inspired us to develop a whole assortment of securing products for various applications. Each new addition is upheld to the high QUICKLOADER® ideals of superior quality, ease of use and safety. Whether you are a logistics expert or just looking for a bungee for your bike, we can offer you a strap you can secure with confidence.

Our signature strap is quick to use thanks to its retractability and unique release handle. It is tough and durable, in the most demanding conditions and best of all the traditional locking mechanism makes Quickloader safer than your average alternative retractable tie-downs.

Quickloader Strap is the best tool when you need to quickly tie or store your small items. The stretchable strap doesn't require hooks and you can even link two straps together to create a longer strap.

You can also use Quickloader and Quickloader Strap together in various applications. For example, use QL to secure the heavier and bigger cargo and Strap to secure the lighter items in place to the sides of your trunk.
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