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  • Since 2020
My mother, a chef, and I (Diederick Evers) share two passions: travel and food. We have seen a lot of the world and have come into contact with many different cultures and different
flavours. We scoured SAPINCA - Organic Root Elixir

SAPINCA is an organic, vegan and 100% natural root elixir. A divine drink, handcrafted from the 10 most powerful roots from South America and Europe. By layering the distinctive flavours of the species, SAPINCA offers a full-bodied and robust yet sophisticated taste on your palate.
SAPINCA is multi-applicable: as a pure shot, combined with hot water for a spicy tea, with sparkling water makes a fresh/spicy drink and also for creating cocktails and cocktails. Local markets all over the world in search of the most beautiful products and ingredients. My mother, who loves to cook good food, and myself who just loves to eat it.
We were consistently asked for an uncommon (non-alcoholic) drink to stimulate the taste buds and complement our unique take on food… With nowhere else to turn, we decided to create our own drink.

We’d always been inspired by the variety of roots from each local cuisine, leading us to search for a unique combination.

Together with local farmers from South America and Europe, we unearthed 10 powerful roots, each one possessing its own distinct taste. Back home we dove into the kitchen to experiment, combine, and explore… And so, after months of searching, what emerged was a unique composition of ingredients sourced from our travels.

Eventually, we unveiled our new invention during catered events, testing it for the first time. First reactions? Enthusiasm, and a non-stop flow of people asking us where we got it, and where they could buy it. Which brings us to the present, we’ve unearthed a recipe for a surprising handcrafted drink unlike anything you’ve tasted, with more to discover in every sip. 

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