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Sardines Fish Canned Socks (men size 40-46)
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Sardines Fish Canned Socks (men size 40-46)

Fishermen are well known for catching sardines from the Mediterranean Sea. As a nutrient-rich food and a great source of energy, sardines have been an honourable meal for centuries. So the next time someone complains about your socks – tell them that those are Sardine Socks in the most natural state and it is a matter of honour and traditions for you to wear them. No worries, the level of smelliness is up to you. 40-46 Size Quarter What would life be like without adventure? We started publishing a Happy Calendar as 8th-grade students. We have noticed that the people around us are not happy. I didn’t know if it was due to a gray dark winter or something else. We decided that we would make people happy. We’ve released a calendar with one challenge for each day to complete that day. For example, “Hug”, “Smile” or “Drink milk” instead. Small activities to bring the joy of the day. In the first year, we released 1,000 calendars that were all over in a couple of weeks. That is why we decided to continue. 5 years later we changed the name to SEIK Publisher and started publishing other products. We also expanded our reach in the Baltics, Finland and elsewhere in Europe. Our goal in releasing every product is the same – to inspire people, offer adventure and make them happy. We have released over 500 different products. To this day, we are a small team of young creative people and are constantly looking for new ideas to inspire you. Rudolf-Gustav Hanni / Founder of SEIK Publisher OUR VALUES BEING HAPPY STARTS WITH SMALL STEPS The deeds in the calendars of deeds form a long chain around the world. You could be the person to take that first step. EVERY DAY IS AN ADVENTURE We started with SEIK with the goal of inspiring and making people around us happy, which has brought us many great adventures and will continue to do so on a daily basis. MINIMALIST AND NORDIC DESIGN We are young and innovative designers. We create our own products, right here in Estonia and with great love. WE’RE TRACKING OUR FOOTPRINT We pack thinly, do not use plastic, recycle as much as possible and are constantly looking for new ways to leave a smaller footprint. We listen, innovate and work for you. Our product development starts together with our retailers. We listen, to our partner’s needs for new products. We collect local stories and legends. We innovate – figure out a new way of presenting the stories with packaging, and simple design. Our goal is to be a long-time partner for our retailers. WE WORK WITH HAND-PICKED LOCAL STORES ACROSS EUROPE When we started, we were young people from the small city of Pärnu with great ambition. We talked to the first stores in Estonia and we were well received. The minimalist style and inspiring adventures of Northern Europe have found their way beyond Estonia. 6 years after the start, we undertook and translated the first products into English, Latvian and Lithuanian and met with the first resellers outside Estonia. A few years later, we also started making products in Finnish. Today, work for retailers across Europe and beyond. We are working together with local stores across Europe. We give out products in 11 languages and collaborate with innovative bookstores, design shops, souvenir shops and museums. We bring our vision to life every day, make people happier and bring adventures to every day around the world.

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