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  • Since 2021
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I have always loved candles and wax melts and love that initial aroma when you walk into a candle shop , all those lovely scents mixed together. I found though that the aromas from the wax melts would not last long when melted and would soon lose their scent. So I thought that I could do this myself and make stronger scented wax melts. I bought a few supplies to start, and did a lot of research. Then the next step was making my first initial wax melts, which included lots of mishaps. When I first started making the wax melts the wax would set to quickly before I had even poured it out of the jug, so a lot of naughty words were spoken. My husband felt like he had lost his wife as I spent more time in my workshop than I did the house. Then it was on to lots of testing until I got the wax melts that I was happy with.
So smile 🙂 Serenity Home Fragrance was made! I then decided to take my business even further. I have never quite been happy with the packaging I bought for my wax so decide to add Box Making to my business. I decided to make sure my boxes were strong unlike some I had purchased in the past. Say hello to myself Lesley, who started making wax melts during the strange time that was lockdown due to COVID-19. Due to circumstances I couldn’t control, my childminding business took a hit and I had a lot less children to care for so I thought now is the right time to take the leap of faith. So I sorted out my garage and turned it into a lovely little workshop where I know spend most of my time making beautiful creations.
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