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Pretty 925 Silver Star Earrings
Silver Jewellery Cavern

Pretty 925 Silver Star Earrings

Pretty Star Earrings Sterling Silver Pretty Star Earrings.  These Pretty Star Earrings are slightly Curved at the edges giving a lovely finish. They have a very polish so look stunning & really sparkle.  Approx 1 1/2 cm excl hooks. This website is strictly for approved Wholesale customers.  So if you are looking to buy this from a retail store. Please visit Shooting Star. More About Us: We are Silver Jewellery Cavern Wholesale.  Offering Beautiful 925 Silver & Pewter Jewellery Collections.  All at affordable prices.  This will entice both new and your existing customers. We are a small family business. We have always been in retail.  But found we were unable to source new designs to meet our customer demands. So a few years ago we started to design our own jewellery. It was very well received.  We found we had a great product that lots of shops wanted to stock.  So at this point we launched our wholesale business Silver Jewellery Cavern Wholesale.  Once a year we travel across the world.  This is to select our crystals and sort out all our new designs for the year. So we always have fresh and exciting new stock.

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