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Say goodbye to plastic! Skandino's assistive and adaptive tableware is easy to sell to families because it meets the five most important factors influencing a parent's purchase decision:

1. Our bio-based tableware does not contain any toxic chemicals.
2. The dinnerware is dishwasher safe.
3. The dinnerware is microwave safe.
4. The design of the dinnerware takes into account the development of a child's self-feeding.
5. The dinnerware is durable and long-lasting.

Skandino® EcoDesign tableware sets are proven to support the safe development of a child's self-feeding.

Skandino® is a Finnish-made EcoDesign dinnerware set for children, developed in cooperation with speech therapists and occupational therapists. Skandino® was born from a new mother's desire to create Nordic-inspired, minimalist dinnerware for children that is safe to use, protects nature, and promotes sustainable development. All Skandino® products are 98% bio-based and made from sugarcane and pine wood from Nordic-certified forests.

The carbon footprint of Skandino's bio-based products is significantly lower than traditional plastic goods, up to 80% lower in fact. The wood used for the material is sourced from side streams of various pulp and wood products production processes, which optimizes the use of wood material and eliminates the need for deforestation in the manufacturing of Skandino's products.
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