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  • Since 2014
Matthew Brownie, originally from New Zealand, has been a professional chef for 27 years & is the Director/CEO of his own snack food company (The Skibbereen Food Company). Matthew moved to Skibbereen, West Cork Ireland in 2008 where he lives with his wife and two children.

A decade ago, Matt enrolled with CIT as a mature student on their Culinary Arts Degree course and was given a piece of course work that would ultimately make a significant impact on his career in the catering and hospitality sector.

The brief Matt was given was two pronged, either to create a product where there was a gap in the Irish market or to improve and develop an existing product. With a keen interest in sport and food, Matt focused on the Irish snack industry and came up with the idea of crunchy, munchy pork bites as the ideal snack on-the-go. Incidentally the project won the best business plan for the CIT Innovation Award in 2013.

Using new product development methods and incorporating British, Irish and a bit of native Kiwi gastronomy, Matt created the tasty snack, pork crackling with an Irish twist. Scratch My Pork and The Skibbereen Food Company were born.

There are two ranges of pork snacks

/ Scratch My Pork - Pork Crackling with an Irish Twist
/ Pork Crunch - Light & Crispy Puffs of Perfectly Seasoned Pork Crunch
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