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  • Since 2003
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Founded by the French laboratory Degan in 1987, the Manix brand has been renowned for 30 years for the finesse of its condoms. 

The Manix Infini 002 launched in the 90s was the thinnest condom on the market. 

Manix quickly became number 2 in France, thanks to humorous advertising spots. 

In 1992, Manix launched the first deproteinized latex condom: it contained less latex proteins, those which cause allergies in sensitive subjects. 

Manix condoms are manufactured in the technological factories of the Lifestyles group, the world number 2 in condoms which also owns the Skyn, Unimil and Lifestyles brands. 

Manix are also very sensual lubricating gels suitable for all pleasures.
Created by the Ansell lab in 2009, SKYN latex-free condoms are made from SKYNFEEL™, a revolutionary synthetic material based on polyisoprene without natural rubber: they are much softer to wear than a natural latex condom. 

SKYNFEEL™ allows both partners to experience incomparable sensations of comfort and sensuality and provides the sensation of wearing nothing, while being completely suitable for individuals allergic to latex. 

SKYN condoms undergo strict testing and meet the highest safety standards. 

And for even greater precaution, SKYN condoms are manufactured in a factory completely isolated from any facility processing natural rubber latex. 

98% of people who have tested SKYN condoms recommend them: you will definitely love them! 

SKYN are also new super sensual lubricants for all practices.
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