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Laptoptasche Croco Jet Black 15.6"

Laptop bag Croco Jet Black 15.6"

sold out - new in July For decades a noble & elegant classic! Bags with crocodile embossing! Do you like something a little more conspicuous and still want classic chic? In that case, the Straight Line Croco Jet Black 15.6" is just the right bag for you! The exterior of this business bag is undeniably a real eye-catcher. You don't see it directly, but despite the trendy, matt, shimmering crocodile look, the material of the Croco Jet Black 15.6" is pleasantly soft and at the same time very robust - and best of all: it looks like real crocodile leather, but for this one beautiful bag, no crocodile was harmed by a hair, because it is made of easy-care fine synthetic material. The elegance that the Croco Jet Black 15.6" radiates is ideally underlined by the straight lines and the puristic design that all Straight Line bags have in common. Noble design and suitability for business go hand in hand with SOCHA designer bags, so that the Croco Jet Black 15.6" also comes with the popular "full equipment". The wide, easy-to-open zipper gives a glimpse of the crimson red and very spacious interior of this laptop bag for women. The padded laptop compartment can be removed with a flick of the wrist thanks to the Velcro fastener, giving you even more space for your valuables and business utensils. With its fascinating appearance, the Croco Jet Black 15.6" looks so elegant that you can wear it without any problems at dinner with friends or when strolling through the illuminated old town. Thanks to the spacious interior of your SOCHA, you can, for example, take a cardigan or a small drink with you and still keep your elegant appearance! If 15.6 inches is too big for you, we recommend the little sister of this laptop bag: the Midi Croco Black 14". And if you like the size itself but are looking for a more extravagant color, the Croco Burgundy 15.6″ is the business bag of your choice! Other color and material options: Straight Line Vanilla - Black - Red - Gray - Cognac - Mud - Croco Burgundy Jurgen Socha Design & product development [embedyt][/embedyt]

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