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Seven Chakra Beaded Bracelet with Buddha
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Seven Chakra Beaded Bracelet with Buddha

Seven Chakra Beaded Bracelet with Buddha Head Includes Lava Stone to be used as an Essential Oils Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet - In basic terms, the word Chakra means Wheel, Cycle, Circle. It refers to the seven Chakras at the centre of your body in which energy flows through. There are 7 wheels inside your body, which are turning and maintaining the flow of energy, helping you feel more balanced generally. These wheels are Chakras and each one is associated with major organs and body parts which affect your overall health and well-being. When any of these Chakras are blocked due to stress, anxiety, negativity etc then your energy cannot flow freely, causing ailments and affecting your health. - The gemstone crystals in this bracelet will help with keeping your Chakras clear and your energy flowing. - The Root or Base Chakra - Money and Career - Hematite The Naval or Sacral Chakra - Desire and Pleasure - Carnelian The Solar Plexus - Personal power - Citrine The Heart - Love and Self acceptance - Rose Quartz The Throat - Aqua. Self expression - Sodalite The Brow or 3rd Eye - Intuition and sense of purpose - Amethyst The Crown - Connection to the Divine - Clear Quartz - Wearing a Buddha Head on your bracelet brings awareness of the divine power of the universe. It connects you with the positivity of nature and helps us to be, individually and collectively, great and kind human beings. - Lava Stone – Is a well-known grounding and calming stone. It’s energetic properties are said to give courage and strength and the stability to handle change. Our range of diffusers all include at least one lava stone which is ideal as an essential oils diffuser. Lava stone is genuine lava from the magma of erupted volcanoes. It has a naturally rough surface and is porous. You can learn more HERE How to look after your jewellery -

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