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Bathe in the wild power of nature.
Organic | Vegan | Handcrafted | Made in Berlin

Known from Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Shape and many more.

With SOULBATH we have rediscovered an ancient wellness ritual.
Our bath teas are bath additives made exclusively from dried medicinal herbs and blossoms. Mixed into special recipes based on Ayurvedic principles and traditional naturopathy, the SOULBATH products not only strengthen the body, but also the soul. The role model is the rhythm of nature: rest - awaken - refuel - harvest.

PURE NATURE is our mission! SOULBATH therefore only uses raw materials of high organic quality.
No additives or preservatives, because these do not belong on our skin.

Are you enthusiastic about our products and would you like to advertise them, offer them yourself or simply like to work with us? Write us! We look forward to hearing your ideas and would be happy to work with you to think about what a cooperation could look like.

Welcome to your SOULDATE.

PS SOULBATH is also a great gift for customers, employees or partners.
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