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  • Since 1990
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Spiral Direct is an established clothing and accessories brand that has been offering dark, cutting edge designs into the alternative fashion market for three decades.

We are a company that is constantly evolving within a genre that has a die hard following of creative fans looking to show their own unique style. We listen to our customers when they tell us what we are doing right – or wrong – and we continue to offer fresh ideas, yet retain the core aspects of our brand that set us apart from the rest of the fashion crowd.

Spiral artwork covers a range of themes from tribal designs, gothic, horror, fantasy and fetish to the more commercial vintage, fashion and distressed. Our artwork designs include heavy metal reapers and skeletons, gothic angels and spirits and fantasy figures such as dragons, fairies, vampires and werewolves.

Spiral Direct’s range of men’s alternative clothing includes t-shirts, hoods, long-sleeved t-shirts and jackets. We also have an ever-growing women’s gothic fashion range, which now includes plain and printed dresses, skirts, fitted tops, camisoles and corsets. We don’t just sell clothing, there’s a great range of bedding, back packs, tote bags, wallets and even our most popular plush toys.

Working with Warner and other licensors, we have managed to branch out into the entertainment and pop culture, creating our own vision of properties like Batman, DC Comics, Horror Movie genre and bands like Five Finger Death Punch.
Spiral goes from strength to strength and we would love to have you ride along on our journey.
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