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  • Since 2018

When the 'green quarter' fell, and why, I don't remember exactly. But fortunately things have changed since a few years, I have developed peace and love for houseplants.

I do a daily round of plants and see what each plant needs. By giving it so much attention and love, I feel that it also comes back to me.


One of the most beautiful moments of a plant's life is cuttings, to see roots grow from a cutting. In the webshop you can find everything to take your plants from cuttings, from scissors to complete cutting sets.


The products are produced as sustainably as possible and, if possible, made from sustainable materials. For example, the wooden cutting stations were made in a traditional center of a mental health care institution in North Brabant.

The plant shower is made of glass and will last a lifetime, as will the insect repellent that you can refill every time with your own brew (indicated by stripes on the bottle), so you don't have to buy plastic bottles anymore.
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