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Aroma Diffuser Marble Edition

Aroma Diffuser Marble Edition

Our oval glass aroma diffuser creates pleasant indoor air by releasing a fine mist. By simply adding a few drops of one of our exclusive fragrance oils or essentials oils, you can create different ambiances by season, room or mood. The Marble Edition aroma diffuser works with a programmable LED lighting system. You can choose to have the lighting setting change automatically, leave it on a fixed setting or turn the light off. You can enjoy scented mist with the light setting both on and off. This lifestyle product is as functional as is beautiful. -Mist and fragrance per 100ml water: duration 6-10 hours. -Automatic shutdown when the water has evaporated. -Soft LED lighting -7 colour settings -Fragrant oils are sold separately. How does the Sthlm Fragrance Supplier Marble Edition Aroma Diffuser work? This beautifully crafted aroma diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations to break down the fragrance oil that has been added to the water into micro molecules. By breaking down the scent through vibration, the scent is diffused as a fine cool mist. This technology ensures that the oil is mixed homogeneously into the water. This diffusion method uses no heat meaning that both essential and fragrances oils maintain their positive properties. The mist from the aroma diffuser serves as a humidifier and therefor has many health benefits that provide increased well-being. Where can I use my aroma diffuser? Sthlm Fragrance Supplier Aroma Diffusers are indoor products. Our products are designed to create atmosphere and ambience in any room of your choice, be it in your home, your office or even for commercial use in spa’s or hotels. There are no limits to which indoor space you can scent with our aroma diffusers. Simply choose the space you wish to fragrance and choose from our selection of fragrance or essential oils to create your indoor oasis. Benefits of using an Aroma Diffuser: Easy to change scent to change atmosphere. Spreads scent quickly though out a room thru cool mist Maintains oils quality and properties. Cost effective compared to candles. How do I operate my aroma diffuser? Here are seven easy steps to get you up and running! Please note, there is an instruction manual provided in the box. We recommend users to read this instruction manual before using this product. Step 1: Carefully remove the product from the packaging on a flat surface, removing all plastic and protective coverings. Caution: The marble edition comes with a glass egg cover. Step 2: Place the base of the diffuser on a flat surface near a power outlet. Step 3: Add water to the water tank using a jug or a bottle on the opposite side to the air outlet up as far as the marked fill line. Do not place the base under a tap. The base has an air outlet on the upper lip and water must not get into this air outlet. Water in this outlet will cause the diffuser to malfunction. Step 4: Choose your favourite fragrance from the Sthlm Fragrance Supplier line of essential or fragrance oils and add two to three drops to the water. Step 5: Place the inner lid on the base and carefully place the glass top over the base. The glass top will reach the bottom of the base and is only correctly positioned when sitting on the bottom lip of the base. Step 6: Connect the power cable to the base of the diffuser. Step 7: Press once to turn on the diffuser and enjoy fragrant mist and changing LED lighting. Press twice to enjoy fragrant mist with the LED lighting fixed on your colour of choice. Press a third time to turn of the LED lighting but enjoy fragrant mist. Press a fourth time to turn of the diffuser. Please note. All our diffusers come with a safety mechanism that means when the diffuser is out of water it will turn off automatically.


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