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  • Since 2015
It all started out in Holland, where founder Chantal Piët grew up. When she was a little girl, her grandmother, or Oma, introduced Chantal to stroopwafels. Chantal loved the way that the gooey caramel syrup was spread between two waffles - especially when it was heated over a cup of coffee or in the oven. Avid scuba divers and hikers, the owners of Stroop Club knew from the beginning that if they wanted to feel good about what they were creating, they would need to make sure they followed the most eco-friendly business practices. At their core, stroopwafels are an ode to a zero-waste lifestyle. They were created as a use for a Dutch baker's leftover dough scraps. We strive to continue in this ideal and leave as little waste as possible by using repurposed packaging as much as possible and sustainable business practices. We spend our whole lives to make connections to and learn from others. That is why our central value in whatever direction we go, we aim to connect with others and to remain a bridge between cultures, people, and stories. " We hope that our stroopwafels will be a little aid for you to make new connections, share stories and make memories or at least, adds a little sweetness to your day!" - Chantal -
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