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Susanna Falken Jewellery

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  • Since 2019
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Skin-friendly jewelry with a focus on charity
In the same way that we care about what we eat, we should think about what materials we are exposed to, especially in earrings which have a pin that goes into our body. That's why we make our jewelry in surgical steel and medical titanium that is gentle on our skin. By combining my jewelry background with a today lean range of jewelry with health in focus and my passion for solving problems, it was obvious for me to continue in my family's footsteps in the jewelry industry. The idea for Susanna Falken was born.

Susanna Falken Jewelery values health, fashion and community involvement and it permeates everything we do and stand for. We hope that our cooperation with various charities will contribute and have a positive impact on society. Together we make the values sparkle a little more. Sharing is caring!
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