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SweetBunny Hair

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  • Since 2017
In 2017, SweetBunny® started in San Jose, America by Ann, Thiffany and Bee.
They believed there could be a vegan solution for healthy hair. To give people confidence again without animals suffering for this. Due to a life-changing event, the company, but especially the spirit, were transferred to the Netherlands in early 2020 by Kyra and Olav.

As a distributor in the Netherlands and as SweetBunny® experience experts, they have moved the company to the country with its windmills and tulips. With a larger team, renewed energy and at least as much dedication, part 2 of the great adventure has started.

For the love of people and our planet, we're constantly working to make our product and our company as sustainable as possible. An even healthier sugar free and titanium dioxide free product has been introduced in the middle of 2020. And in 2021 we will introduce our new recycled-PET packaging for no longer contributing to the plastic misery on earth.

In the near future, SweetBunny® will only have a positive contribution in this world, in every area.

We do it, because we love it!

Kyra, Olav and the team of SweetBunny®
The Netherlands
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