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Original Täljsten Whisky Stones

Original Täljsten Whiskey Stones

As opposed to numerous reinvented legends on the subject, the use of soapstone to cool or keep cool is very recent. It was in the 90s that Marianne Berggrund produced "icecubes that never melt" for the very first time and baptized them Whiskey on the rocks Rocks. Whiskey stones were born! The Original Täljsten Whiskey Stones will enable you to reduce the temperature of your whiskey from 20 ° C to 10 ° C with absolutely no dilution. Thanks to the Original Täljsten Whiskey Stones, your favorite drink retains all its strength and you can savor your whiskey chilled in its purest form with all its aromas and flavors intact. The Original Täljsten Whiskey Stones come packed in box sets of 8. A food bag Cold Pack containing no phthalalates or bisphenol A is also now included, enabling you to put all the stones in the freezer at once.

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